Sean Le Gourrierec will step into the BRACE cage for a second time this weekend when he faces striking specialist Issac Hardman. Le Gourrierec will be looking for his first win under the BRACE banner after losing his promotional debut to Nurbolat Kuandyk in a hotly contested back and forth fight.

While Le Gourrierec may have lost the fight, he still looked to take what lessons he could from the experience and integrate them into his expanding fighting strategy. For the Melbourne based lightweight the biggest lesson was about balancing aggression with fighting smarts.

“I had the foot to the floor the whole time, I got caught up in the moment…I was just fighting on heart, with no skill,” Le Gourrierec told BRACE MMA.

Instead of brute aggression Le Gourrierec is now focused on flowing through the fight.

“You have to be conscious of flowing, trying to spend the rounds in flow, not just hammering the guy…there’s an easier way and it has to do with the craft of the sport, not the brutality.”

The emphasis on the craft of the sport certainly helped Le Gourrierec in his return fight a Minotaur 4 earlier this year, where he was able to submit Adam Russo in the first round. Indeed his enhanced knowledge and experience of the fight game has educated the approach he has taken to his training camp for the upcoming fight.

“My agenda when I come into training is to be looser than my opponent, and read him before he can read me…that’s the biggest difference and it’s made a huge difference. My grappling, my striking, my wresting, everything, it’s a generic approach that makes a huge difference.”

As a well-decorated BJJ brown belt many would expect Le Gourrierec to want to take the fight to the ground, especially considering Hardman’s proficient boxing skills. However Le Gourrierec is more focused on his own game and what he can control throughout the fight.

“I do my shit and make them deal with it. I do what’s working well in camp. There’s a lot of stuff working well for me, I’ve got a hole arsenal of shit I didn’t’ have before…fuck where it goes, if he doesn’t want to go to the ground with me I’ll just figure it out. I’ll just figure the kid out.”

A win over the undefeated Hardman would propel Le Gourrierec up the BRACE lightweight rankings and firmly establish him as a force to be reckoned with.

BRACE 44 takes place at Southport RSL, Gold Coast on 8th October 2016. Tickets are available through BRACE with all fights streamed live through UFC Fight Pass.