10 Questions with – Rick Alchin

10 Quck Questions With Rick Alchin by Emma Challands 

1) When did you first get involved in mixed martial arts and what drew you to the sport?
I was already doing martial arts such as boxing, kung fu and muay thai most of my life. I saw an ad for a PRIDE FC video game with a Japanese gentleman stepping on somebody’s head and looked up MMA from there. 

2) Who makes up the Alchin team and how important is it to have the right people in your corner? My Mum, Dad and girlfriend.  My coaches and my friends Kurt, Brad, Skye and Arron are always there. It is good to have the right people there but I have fought interstate by myself. My fights often don’t make it out of the first round anyways so I don’t often get to the corner. 

3) What do you think of the talent in Australia in the welterweight division right now?
I honestly think welterweight is the toughest division. We have a lot of the guys moving on to the UFC and a lot of hungry new guys showing up. 
4) You’ve been fighting for BRACE since 2013. What has been the most notable improvements in your career between now and then and what can fans expect to see this year? Im always pushing to improve in every area. Expect to see some exciting finishes 
5) What appeals to you about the tournament style of fighting? Guaranteed fights. 
6) Favourite international fighter and why? Fedor Emilenko because he is humble and unassuming. 
7) Favourite local fighter and why? Jamie Mullarkey because I’ve watched him grow from a quiet 15 year old kid to one of the pound for pound best in Australia. 
8) When you’re not fighting you can be found… Working, teaching and playing video games. 
9) What’s one thing (material not person) that you can’t live without? Internet. 
10) There’s a movie being made about your life, who plays you and why? Only actors I have been told I look like are Johnny Depp or Channing Tatum, so one of them.

RICK ALCHIN FIGHTS Saturday 26th March at the Big Top Luna Park Sydney