1) When did you first get involved in mixed martial arts and what drew you to the sport? I first walked into the gym in 2009. It was after watching a martial arts film I can’t remember the name of. The rest is history.

2) Who makes up the Malizis team and how important is it to have the right people in your corner? Luke Pezzuti is my head coach who I’ve been with since day one. I’ve also been working really well with Charlie Bechwaty and can’t forget Joe Laferla and Sandoi. It’s not just about having a great coaching team but one that believes in you as well. I’m lucky to have both.
3) What do you think of the talent in Australia in the bantamweight division right now? There is no one in the division I can’t compete with. A new generation is emerging, the older guys can either adapt or be outclassed.
4) This is your BRACE debut and only your second professional fight – what can the fans expect to see? A Samurai, looking for the kill.
5) What appeals to you about the tournament style of fighting? Fighters are being very “selective” about their opponents. Tournament format filters out the pussies. Not mentioning any gyms in particular…
6) Favourite international fighter and why? Nick Diaz, he makes the world class opponents look like amateurs.
7) Favourite local fighter and why? Isi Fitikefu. I’m bias but good luck knocking out that egg head.
8) When you’re not fighting you can be found… At the gym or beach. There is no off season.
9) Favourite tv show you’re watching right now? Naruto Shippuden.
10) You build a time machine. What point in history do you travel back to and why? Japan, 1500’s to be a Samurai. I honestly think about this allot. Where you at Musashi!
GEORGE MALIZIS FIGHTS – Saturday 26 March Bigtop Luna Park Sydney