1) When did you first get involved in mixed martial arts and what drew you to the sport? I got involved in 2008 when a friend mentioned that he trained in BJJ. I went along to try it out and got absolutely dominated on the mat. I was hooked instantly!

2) Who makes up team Cowell and how important is it to have the right people in your corner? Team Cowell is made up of a serious amount of experience and knowledge. I have Anthony Perosh and Elvis Sinosic in my corner along with the support of my whole team at SPMA. I have a lot of support going into this fight, especially from my team and my family and friends who will be attending in force!

3) What do you think of the talent in Australia in the bantamweight division right now? The Talent in Bantamweight division is very interesting and its going to be a very fun experience. I’m a very dangerous fighter. I know I can knock any of the tournament fighters out cold.

4) You haven’t fought on a BRACE card since 2014 where you made the semi-finals. What can we expect this time around? Expect a spectacular knock out or a technical 3 round stand up battle with my opponents looking confused as to why they can’t get a read on me.

5) What appeals to you about the tournament style of fighting? The Belt and improving overall as a Martial Artist.

6) Favourite international fighter and why? Dan Hooker. Just a top bloke and a good friend of mine. I don’t know anyone more dedicated to the sport and offers me a few pointers after and before fights. He’s a champion so why not look up to him!

7) Favourite local fighter and why? I’d have to say Robert Whittaker, he’s just super exciting to watch.

8) When you’re not fighting you can be found… You can find me hanging with my beautiful partner Olivia or on the mat with my team upskilling in all areas with a positive attitude!  It’s what we do!

9) Guilty pleasure when it comes to food? Starburst babies/ rattlesnakes and pork buns!

10) You’re throwing a party and can invite anyone dead or alive as your special guest who is it?  Bob Marley.

I’d like to give a massive shout out to my Team and coaches at SPMA!!

BYRON COWELL FIGHTS Saturday 26 March Bigtop Luna Park Sydney